Customer Relationship Management

We guarantee that your CRM framework built with us is intended to strengthen interactive communication with your customers, and allow you to adaptively modify your client strategy. This will help maintain a promoting methodology tailored to your clients’ changing needs.

Triveni IT makes the most significant CRM elements work for your business. We offer:

  • Custom CRM arrangements & modules
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Full-cycle usage
  • SalesForce CRM
    Coordination and custom add-ons development


  • Customer profiles: data collection, aggregation, history tracking
  • Customer segmentation rules automation
  • Reporting tool configuration
  • Cost-of-sale and resource allocation management
  • Market investigation and patterns following
  • Planning and scheduling tools
  • Issue-tracking tools
  • Task management tools
  • Dashboards and scorecards


  • Call center automation
  • Inquiry repositories and processing
  • Customer help desk automation
  • Request handling automation
  • Customer access portal
  • Alerts and notifications automation
  • Integration with customers’ data transfer system and APIs


A profound understanding of our clients’ particular business necessities and our technical project skills are a necessity to succesfully complete any CRM advancement project. The result is an effective, practical, adaptable and simple-to-use CRM framework. We hope it allows your organization and customers to profit by successfully associating your business procedures with wise choice making. You can depend on us to bring your uncertainty about your IT investment to a minimum.

Triveni IT gives proficient help at all phases of CRM execution:

  • Development from scratch
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Existing arrangement update and augmentation
  • Research and consultation
  • Platform customization
  • User training
  • Support and maintenance

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