Our Story

Srujal Shah
and Jwalit Shah, co-founders of Triveni IT, attribute the beginnings of the company to a part-time hobby of theirs. After graduating college in 2004, they developed web applications and e-commerce sites on the side for their families and friends while they worked. They felt that the IT infrastructure of their friends’ business software needed some assistance, and they were happy to help provide them with it.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the duo’s dream was realized. They were approached by a large tobacco company who needed their services. The company asked them to create a more efficient warehouse management system that could handle large orders and transactions quickly. Along with the help of one of their college friends, the team worked endlessly (on top of working full-time jobs) to build a brand new system for the company from scratch. By 2010, the system was finally complete and ready for launch. To help support this huge project, Srujal and Jwalit hired newly-graduated college students and offered internships to students to provide support in pushing the project forward.

In April 2011, the pair finally decided to quit their full-time jobs and dedicate one hundred percent of their time and efforts into growing Triveni IT into the company it is today. They truly believe that building a business should be fueled by your passion for it, and that sustaining a lasting relationship with your customers is the key to success in the long run.

“Entrepreneurs should always give their best effort and align their success with their customers.”

 Since that time, Triveni IT has been delivering full-cycle software development services to clients worldwide. Sticking to their roots, the company continues to specialize in the development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile applications. They hope to offer their clients a balance of technological abilities, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, successful strategies and, above all, a passion for IT services.

Development Methodology

A proper development methodology is one of the essential pre-conditions of accepting quality programming. Depending upon your goals, complexity level and customer-specific necessities, we select the most suitable systems to create quicker and better results.
Triveni IT prides itself on its hands-on involvement in our projects and working with a variety of proven methodologies, such as Scrum.

Quality Management System

We understand the importance of quality assurance processes. That’s the reason we call on our independent QA team in product development early . We communicate with them directly after undertaking a new project after all necessities for the software have been communicated by the client. Our quality management team guarantees satisfaction with our product solutions, and our clients credit their product improvements to our services.