Internal incubation program for a bankFinance

A global investment bank dedicated to helping its clients to manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment life cycle needed to introduce an incubation program within their firm. They provide financial services for institutions, corporations as well as individual investors and deliver informed, investment management and investment services to 35 countries in more than 100 markets. As of June 30, 2013 they had over $26.2 trillion in assets.They neededto develop an incubation program for their internal teams and needed help to design and develop that platform. We developed a web platform that helps them connect their employees in a social-network type environment and allows them to communicate and mentor each other. The program has been successfully launched and accepted by the user community.

The platform includes a data analytics module that allows the admins to better understand user behavior and capture feedback. The depth of this understanding has helped them successfully implement the program.

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