Brick-and-Mortar Grocery ChainRetail

This brick-and-mortar grocery chain seek to increase their revenue by entering into Ecommerce arena for Groceries. The client did not have a large internal technology team so they had outsourced the Ecommerce solution. Though the shopping cart was built-out successfully, client was unable to capitalize and successfully meet the Ecommerce revenue goals.

Project Tasks:

We were brought in as a consultants to build and lead their digital marketing team and evaluate their technology. Started with implementation and capturing of site statistics and user data to understand the bottleneck online shoppers were facing on their site.
Optimized Ecommerce Platform by migrating solution to Cloud based platform using CDN.
Worked with Ecommerce team to optimize site performance by restructuring data, images and content.
Setup Google Analytics funnels / goals to track User Check Out Experience.
Built out Dynamic Ads to Re-target customers who had viewed or added the products but did not end up purchasing.
Built-out reporting solution that allowed Management to slice and dice the data exported from Google Analytics along with their internal inventory tracking system.


Increased average order size by 560% by using A/B testing for up-selling and offering dynamic promotions.
Month to Month Revenue increased by 300% from Online Ecommerce Portal.
Significant cost savings achieved by shifting customers to online portal vs Phone-in Delivery process.
Recently client received VC funding and a buy-out offer from larger brick-and-mortar chain who does not have online presence.

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