Audience: Worldwide (Excluding US)Finance

The client launched a new forex trading platform in 2011 and their goal was to acquire retail investors located outside of US (especially in Middle East, China, and Latin America). Forex is a heavily competitive industry with many established players. The goal was to sign-up users for Free Practice Accounts and, over time, convert them into Paying Customers.

Project Tasks:

Recommend and Implemented a digital marketing strategy with several goals/objectives.
Build a new multi-language website to target international audience.
Identified long/short tail keywords and built out landing pages with targeted keywords and promotions.
Optimized Website pages for Mobile/Tablet Devices (Responsive Design).
Embedded event tracking tags throughout the site to capture user behavior and experience.
Setup Goals and Funneling in Google Analytics to track conversions.
Worked with internal team to optimize Google Adwords campaigns through use of Analytics Data.
Performed analytics of User Demographic/Geographic data to identified most valued segments of customers.
Implemented strategy to identify high value visitors and targeted specific promotions / display campaigns to these segments.

The Result

Increased Website Relevant Traffic by 140% in first three months.
User Conversion (New User Sign-ups) increased by 68%.
Improved Site Loading Speed from average 13 seconds to below ~3 seconds for landing pages.

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