Audience: United States (Retail Customers)Travel

Audience: United States (Retail Customers)

The client (based in NYC) is a major player (similar to Expedia, Orbitz) in the Online Travel Services space.Being a niche player in the industry, they wanted to increase the market share in United States against major well established players. The client portal was built on legacy platform and customers’ time to purchase was significantly higher than average in the industry.

Project Tasks:

Optimized online portal and recommended strategy to modernize website using Single Page applications
Implemented event tracking and tagging to capture user behaviors during purchase process
Built out web solution to export data from Google Analytics and Adwords and generated visual dashboard using Open Source

Reporting application

Created automated custom reports for CMO to identify profitable segments and user base.
Integrated Google Analytics data into client’s internal system to capture life value of customers.
Helped client launch multiple sub-sites targeting niche market segments to attract local customers.
Developed application that used 3rd Party Ad-Exchanges API to re-target relevant customers.

The Result:

Client revenue increased 60% on their primary portal within six months of launching new site
CMO and Marketing team can now accurately measure ROI on various marketing channels using web application and Data Analytics Dashboard
Customer Loyalty and Lifetime value of customers increased by 3X in last 1 year

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